boogie blues solo + lesson

I’ve really been in the inspiration
zone the last couple days with my

It just feels easier to play for
longer periods of time.

I have a video today that is
going to inspire you also…

It’s from JBL – Jonathon Boogie

He does a really sweet blues solo
(even better than his Guitar Center performance)…

…and then he also gives a lesson
with a nice riff you can work into
your leads.

check it out:

Stay tuned because his new
Blues Guitar Lesson DVDs (with tabs)
come out Wednesday.

Again, they are called “Boogie Blues Magic”…

So mark your calendar for Wednesday and
scoop these babies up…

Blues soloing – fast fingerpicking licks

Here’s another video from Jonathon “Boogie” Long…

It’s a clever way to supercharge your blues lead
guitar playing without spending years working
on your picking chops.

You might already know about it, but Boogie
definitely adds his knowledge to the mix here…

Stay tuned because on Feb 6 (that’s only one and half weeks!)

It’s a 3 DVD set complete with tabs… and
it will give you an awesome selection of
killer blues lessons and secrets,
straight from Jonathon Boogie Long,
winner of Guitar Center’s 2011
King of the Blues contest.

It comes out at


And you’ll want to order as fast as possible
so you can win those early bird prizes.

Cool cool cool…enjoy the video.

Killer Southern Rock Progression

This is a simple clip from the upcoming “Boogie Blues Magic” with Jonathon Boogie Long.
On disc 3, I get to back up Boogie on some rhythm guitar… That’s why I’m in the clip :)

Now this is a really fun progression…One of things I learned early on but forgot
how much fun it is to jam on… And he also shows us stylistically how Delta blues
fits together with Southern Rock. Great stuff!

Funky Blues Rhythms lesson

Our next product release here at Guitar Control
is called “Boogie Blues Magic”, with Jonathon
Boogie Long, winner of Guitar Center’s 2011
King of the Blues contest.

Release date is Feb 6.

I got a cool video today… (a sample from this
upcoming course)

It shows you some really cool funky blues
rhythms and ideas you can use in your playing.

I hope to show you that:

1. “Boogie” is not just a performer and excellent player,
he can teach too.

2. He’s not just a guitarist that can wail solos,
he’s also got killer rhythm chops…

3. He’s not just a “crazy guitar face” guy,
he’s a real laid back, mellow, and down to earth