"In 3 Mind-Blowing Hours, You're Going To Triple Your Blues Power by Learning the 7 Quintessential Core Blues Styles."

Dear Blues Guitarist,

Would you love to learn how to flow smoothly in and out of the 7 core blues styles including: Minor Blues, Slow Blues, Funk Blues, Blues Shuffles, Jump Blues, Delta Blues, and Southern Rock Blues?

Are you interested in learning from one of the most promising blues guitarists on the planet... the man Guitar Center has titled "The New King Of Blues"?

What if I personally took 100% of the risk and put my own neck on the line by promising you that if you don’t triple your blues knowledge in 3 fun hours, that I’ll refund every penny including shipping and handling? Would you give this mind blowing package a no risk shot?

Jonathon is going to share with you the keys to
the 7 core blues styles while having fun.

I love the blues. To me, there’s nothing cooler than playing some electric blues licks on my guitar, PERIOD. If you can relate, then you’re gonna love this:

It’s a brand new 3-DVD set complete with tabs called "Boogie Blues Magic". It comes from Jonathon "Boogie" Long, winner of the 2011 Guitar Center King of the Blues contest.

Why is it so cool? Why is this the most exciting blues course to come out in years?

Because "Boogie" has some deep in the trenches blues knowledge that he’s excited to share with you. More importantly... I’m personally guaranteeing that it’s going to transform your chops in less than 180 minutes.

Unlike a lot of guys who grew up practicing to Hendrix and Stevie Ray albums, Boogie was in the clubs, DOING IT... Playing the blues... learning first hand from serious bluesmen. His chops got forged in the fire of live performance.

And in this new course, he shares some of his hottest tips, sickest tricks, powerful lessons, and hard-earned wisdom as he shows you exactly how to play 7 of the most quintessential core blues styles.

Are you ready for this?

Boogie is going to reveal how he blows
people away on stage (and why he won
the King Of The Blues contest).

Are you ready to Take Your Blues Skills to the "Zamner Zone"?

Btw, the "Zamner Zone" means "beyond the beyond". :-)

Man oh man... you’re in for one hell of a treat when you insert the 1st disc into your DVD player. Here’s what you’re gonna learn:

Jonathon's going to give you the secrets to
being large and in charge on and off stage.
  • Discover the secrets behind the 7 core styles of the blues... Including how to incorporate funk and jazz into the blues..and even country and chicken pickin' along with several different picking patterns for each one! This is how you melt the faces off of any crowd. 0:04
  • Master Blues basics 101 In Record Time. Learn the one thing the masters like Stevie Ray and Muddy Waters have in common...and why it's critical if you want to sound like a true blues guitarist. What’s cool is, you can learn this game-changing concept while you're drinking a beer and watching this DVD. 1:24
  • Get a 2 minute crash-course on blues turnarounds These patterns are simple to play and make you sound like a pro. More importantly, you’ll know which turnarounds sound good for different types of blues songs. The coolest part is when Boogie shows several tricks you can use to add your own spice and variety. 3:20

Conquer the Blues Shuffle.

  • Conquer the shuffle: First, learn how to count off a shuffle pattern so you really sound like you know your stuff (even if you’re a raw beginner). Second: Boogie reveals THE BIG SHORTCUT to having MONSTER blues tone while keeping it clean and avoiding the amateur slop sound. Plus learn nitty gritty secrets like: How to hold the pick to get the best sound... Easy ways to control how much the sound rings. And much more... 5:10
  • Channel Stevie Ray Vaughan... You're going to learn a couple of common blues shuffle riffs that SRV was famous for. The trick is using some simple I IV V patterns but adding in some aggressive flavor with a few extra choice notes. Best part: You’re only 1 or 2 frets away from capturing that sweet blues magic! 6:30
  • Tired of the same old blues chord progressions? Then you’re gonna love this part of the epic package. You’re finally going to learn how to play some fresh stuff that you can use to elevate any live performance and write some new soulful blues songs. 10:21
  • Want some simple blues solo formulas? Your wish is Boogie’s command... You’re gonna learn how to use the easiest blues scale ever! Plus, Boogie gives you a "can’t fail riff" that gives you instant success. It’s so easy, you can use it to fly all over the neck - FAST. 11:00
WOW... This guy is so EPIC that they've
given him his own HOLIDAY!
  • Get a boatload of plug-and-play licks... Plus cool chords, ear-catching patterns, and unique scales that you can move anywhere on the fretboard to play in any key. The DVDs plus the tabs make learning fast, fun, and easy. It shouldn’t be this simple... BUT IT IS. 12:40

Grab People by the Soul.

  • Create heartwarming blues ballads when you learn the simple formula. It's an interesting, no-brainer pattern, yet it's the kind of stuff that would make B.B. King proud. 22:10
  • Shock and delight the ears: How to warp an A minor chord into a wicked flat 5 for a modern edgy blues flavor. Then take it to new heights with open chords and a cool rhythm that gets any crowd dancing. You’ll kill it with your irresistible funky feel! 24:30
  • Add jazz sophistication... to any minor blues jam. It’s so freakin easy -- you just throw in a few extra notes. Learn which ones to add and where, and you’ll be riffing like a champ. 26:00

Take Your Playing to the Next Level...

Expect to Triple Your Blues Power
With This Mindblowing Course.
  • Create a powerhouse sound with the minor blues jam. It’s so freakin easy. Then take your playing to the next level by throwing in a few extra notes. Learn which ones to add and where, and you’ll be riffing like a champ. 27:38
  • Just getting started? Learn how to really get the feel of the blues even if you can’t tap your feet to the beat. Boogie shows you how "you can’t fail" with the powerful pentatonic scale over a slow blues. 38:00

Here's more awesome guitar goodies:

  • B.B. King decoded? Oh yes he is... Learn everything you need to know about playing like the master of masters: BB King. "The B.B. King Box" has never been simplified to this level. 43:30
  • Bust the box and blow some minds! Learn Boogie’s personal "out of the box" approach to creating your own rhythms including "chop rhythm", funky strumming and cool chordal harmonies. You can use these tricks to develop your own personal style and sweet rhythm patterns. 47:32
  • Then the disc finishes strong: A cool rhythmic technique that uses simple little 2 note chords on the D and G strings you can use in any blues style whether it’s funk, shuffles, slow blues...or any of the 7 core blues styles. 55:59

Then Boogie hits the "Hyper Cool" button on DVD 2. Here’s some of the epicness you’re gonna learn:


  • Play some deep, dirty delta blues... This is another one of the core blues styles. I was shocked how easy it really is to play a steady recurring bassline and play some killer licks in between. You’re gonna love it too. 03:34
  • You’ll be in guitar heaven... when you realize that you can weave an unending number of licks and just hang out on the "I chord" as long as you want. Great to use for an extended intro or a killer down-home jam. 5:00
  • Have you ever been lost at the ending of a riff? Boogie hands you a "foul-proof ending" for your blues riffs. I wish I would've learn this years ago. Then, Jonathon reveals how to adapt the same lick anywhere, anytime with any song. 7:55
Boogie with Bass Virtuoso
Bill "The Buddha" Dickens

Master the Blues Classics.

  • Master the classics - FAST... Discover how to play a medium upbeat funk shuffle, with a lick from the song, "Big Legged Woman." Plus I'll show you how to chop it up to make it really funky sounding. 10:20
  • Get some golden chordal nuggets on a platinum platter... Boogie says: "I'll show you how to move those 7-13 chords around, sharpen them, and flatten them, and get a nice funk rhythm going on. And you'll discover a lot of cool things you can do with those little 2-note 7 chords." 13:00
Here's Boogie hanging out with
country music legend Lee Roy Parnell.
  • Right brain explosions... Boogie reveals how to activate your imagination to conjure up your own next generation rhythms to keep the funk going. THE FUNK WILL NEVER DIE! 16:12
  • Air-tight rhythm playing... If you thought there was no secret to air-tight rhythms, guess again. Hint: it’s a combination of hand strength and picking style. There’s actually a few key tricks that are really gonna help your sound. These DVDs show you exactly how to get it right. 19:45
  • Dig Johnny Winter? Then learn how to get that powerhouse blues/rock grit. 21:15
  • The secret nobody told you... And how ANY lick can really be used as a blues turnaround. This is a huge eye-opener. 24:18

You might get kicked out of your neighborhood once you learn the stuff in this next section. Your neighbors will say:

"You're Too Epic for this Place!"

  • Re-ignite the joy of playing guitar... How to use the most basic blues scale to come up with your own shuffle patterns. Then Boogie shows you an super simple way to take those licks and transition them around to the IV and V chords. 27:10
  • PRO TRICK ALERT: Discover a cool way to hide the pick, so you can free up all your fingers for a much bluesier variation to the sound. This is one of the signature tricks that will elevate your game to the master zone. 30:11
  • Hybrid blues magic: How to fuse super fast chicken pickin' licks from country music... with modern blues for a 1-2 knockout punch that KOs any listener. 33:14
  • Phat sound secrets... How to vary the rhythm and intensity to get the maximum FUNK sound. Then learn how Jonathon "lays it thick" to create a mega wall of blues tone. 36:28
Jonathon's been rocking clubs since he's
14 years old. He's going to share his
experience and wisdom with you.
  • Mixolydian Magic...This bright, edgy, fast lick that adds a modern blues flavor to your style. 39:10
  • Get the crowd jumping with the powerful jump blues style. Both the rhythm and lead parts are revealed! 41:45
  • Blow through changes. Learn how to think like a horn player, and use "space" more effectively, (without relying on fast licks). Create those "killer lines" like a jazz or big band player, plus how to come up with "outside the box" licks, and more... 43:30
Rocking and rolling with
Aerosmith's Brad Whitford.
  • Major Scale Mojo. Create rolling licks and colorful sounds using just the major scale. You can create a dozen different feels just by changing the rhythm. Just learn the simple picking secret that makes it all work. 45:22
  • Make Your Guitar Cry the Blues. Get those crying, wailing sounds with the "B.B. Box", "The Albert Box" and other tricks. This goes beyond just learning pentatonic positions! Plus how to personalize your bends to create any sound you want. 48:52

Hold on, we're not even done with Disc 2. Here's more:

How to Quickly Develop Hand Strength. It's So Critical to Effective Bends, Power Notes, and Vibrato.

How to make your guitar sing like a vocalist... The secret to being a master blues improviser... How to say what you want to say through your improvisations. Also:

  • Sound Like a Blues Veteran. Learn this fast repeating melodic pattern with a rolling feel that's super easy to play...you'll impress anyone listening, including yourself. 50:34
  • BOOOM CHAKALAKA! How to play a common Stevie Ray pentatonic lick over a gritty shuffle in the key of A. Plus a really gritty lick with a lot of power that you can use almost anywhere. 52:12
  • Improve your phrasing with a simple picking technique that will make your licks flow like a smooth, masterful blues soloist. 54:36
BOOMCHAKALAKA! The masters' blues
styles are decoded, explained and revealed.

I'm really just scratching the surface. There's a lot more in these DVDs that I don't have time to write about. Here's a small sample of what's on disc 3:

How to Say More by Playing Less.

As you probably know, it's important NOT to try to fit as many notes as you can into one phrase. You gotta give the music space, let the notes breathe, and allow the actual sound to have it's moment. Boogie Long can help you with this. He has some specific technqiues on how to hold a conversation with the music and the audience.

Rocking it LIVE with none other than the legendary
Seymour Duncan (master pickup maker).
  • Is conventional wisdom right? Not always. What you really need to know about developing hand strength, bends, and which fingers to use for maximum control. 3:45
  • Master the fretboard. Jonathon breaks down the scales and boxes so you can easily understand them, and even better, get familiar with them. Also, how to get your picking hand lined up with your playing hand to get the right feel -- FAST. 10:25

Here's How to Find Your OWN Way with the Blues:

Here's the coolest thing about learning and playing the blues...

It's all about expressing your SOUL. It's about connecting your heart to guitar and just letting it RIP. No fancy techniques. Once you learn some Boogie's "fail-proof" Magic... You'll be all set FOR LIFE.

  • Funkify your leads using non-linear tones and also by peppering your lines with really high notes off the top of the neck. 12:45
  • The hallmark of blues mastery is when every instrument in the band can be heard and appreciated at the same time. It's all about learning WHERE to put the spaces in your playing. This is where you earn respect amoung pros and legends. 15:00
Boogie is going to shave years off your learning
curve and save you years of pain and suffering.

This Will Shortcut the Process For You, So You Can Cut Years Off Your Learning Curve.

There's 2 ways to learn the blues:

1. The slow painful way. Start smoking 2 packs a day. Hit the club circuit. Get booed off a few stages. Become an alcoholic. Have you life go down the drain and then capture the pain on your guitar.


2. You can buy "Boogie Blues Magic" and save years of pain and suffering and learn how to become a great blues player in less than 3 fun hours.

  • Must know rhythm guitar secret: How to keep the rhythm and never miss a beat. What to do to ensure you land on the right chords every single time. 17:30
  • Want to shred? Then this is another must see: how to practice to build up your hand speed. The secret is all in the way you pick. 19:00
Jonathon never does the "greatest sin in
blues guitar". Watch the DVDs to learn how.
  • Lick the fricken chicken. Chicken pickin' is all about digging in with your fingers and getting that percussive popping sound. You'll get a platter of killer chop-building tactics and fingerpicking phrases that sound amazing.25:30
  • Melodic soloing secrets: Here's a powerful exercise that you can practice that shows you an amazing number of options, even without going outside the box or bending any strings. 30:00
  • Express yourself. How to fit ANY other style into your blues playing...whether it's jazz, country, or rock...and blend it all together to make YOUR unique style. 33:45
  • Add country-fried flavor. Tasty bluegrass, country, and hoedown licks that go great with blues and southern rock. 36:12

The Greatest Sin in Blues Guitar...

The greatest sin in blues guitar is to play without feel. For God's sake, please don't just play straight up and down the scale. Instead, you'll learn to mix it up by skipping around the scale, and find cool notes that work for you and your style.

  • Deepen your bag of tricks with rhythmic patterns, drone chords, rolls, and other killer stuff. 41:02
  • Clapton fans: How to emulate Eric's fast pentatonic licks. Best part: You can do this with some pull-offs, so its easy to master. 45:40
  • Rock the crowd. Strengthen your "performance chops" and learn to feed off the energy of the audience, whether it's two people, a hundred people, or a thousand people. Plus some key tips for "getting out there", playing, and learning from local blues legends in your town. 48:03

How to Write and Arrange Your Own Blues Songs.

  • Develop your own blues style. We'll show you exactly how, starting with a standard slow blues format, and then how Boogie adds his own touch and flavor and how you can too! 53:10

Get the step-by-step system of how JBL writes his blues songs, including using "outside" chords and influences to mix it up and keep it fresh. It's sooo powerful to develop your own writing style.

He also teaches you how to work with a band and give them the freedom to interpret your song, while still making sure you retain your artistic vision.

Finally, at the very end, you'll hear Boogie stretch out on some grooves to demonstrate the techniques taught over the entire set. You'll be totally inspired and you'll get a up-close view of what's really possible when you master this material.

Jonathon "Boogie" Long

"Boogie" has had a guitar in his hands since age 6, and has been a touring musician since age 14. He's played reggae with Henry Turner Jr, Blues/Rock with Chris Duarte, and everything in between. He now fronts his own power trio, the Blues Revolution, playing both locally and touring the U.S. bringing his flavor of Blues, Soul, and Funk to the masses. In 2011, Boogie was crowned Guitar Center's "King of the Blues" for best unsigned blues guitarist in America.


"Boogie Blues Magic"

Boogie Blues Magic is an incredible 3-DVD set of blues guitar instruction complete with tabs that is going to teach you the 7 core blues styles: Minor Blues, Slow Blues, Funk Blues, Blues Shuffles, Jump Blues, Delta Blues, and Southern Rock Blues. There's tons of riffs, licks, tricks, techniques, tactics, and wisdom that will help your lead playing, rhythm playing, performing, songwriting, and improvising. It's valuable for players of all levels and perfect for anyone who is passionate about blues or guitar playing.

If You're Even Remotely Interested In Improving Your Blues Guitar Playing, Then Buying this Course Is a No-Brainer Move!

If you're read this far, and you aren't at least slighty interested in having Jonahton "Boogie" Long jumpstart your skills to the next level, then I dunno what to say. Go do somethin' else... Go deep-fry some koolaid :-)

On the other other hand, if you see the light, if you're feeling the vibes, and you're passionate about blues guitar, then buying these DVDs is the easiest decision you've made all year.

With Powertabs, Learning Has Never Been Easier.

Not only is every note tabbed out for you, but the tabs are also provided in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

Listen, I'm passionate about helping guitarists like you have as much as fun as possible while learning incredible guitar skills as quickly and easily as possible.

Now, if these DVDs aren't everything I say and more... if you're not excited about what Boogie is teaching... or you're less than thrilled for any reason, then I INSIST you take advantage of our money-back guarantee.

I'm totally serious -- if you aren't blown away, then I would rather you return the DVDs. I've been online with Guitar Control since 2004 and I'm still around because buidling long term relationships is my top priority.

I want you to be 100% happy no matter what. And I still offer the best guarantee in the business:

You're Protected By Our Famous 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee.

Yes, we offer a generous 12 month guarantee on all DVD courses. Don't love this course? No problem. Send it back, I'll refund every penny, even the shipping and handling.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

That said, I don't anticipate many refund requests here. Boogie Long is amazing!

Yep, this really is an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful electric guitar lessons.

So please, go ahead... Tap into this treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets. You'll be hard pressed to find anything close to this, anywhere... And even if you could sit down with someone like Boogie for lessons, look at how much it would cost:

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Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson